Pricing And Using Storage Containers For Your Next Move

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Planning a move? Looking for storage? Just the thought of having to move all of your belongings from one home to another is exhausting.

Even if you are only moving a few of streets away, you still have to think about renting a truck, trying to find friends or family willing to help, unloading the truck, maybe making multiple trips with the car, and so on. By the time you’re done, you’re exhausted.

Making a long-distance or interstate move? That feels like an even bigger headache!

This is why a lot of people are looking to using storage containers, like PODS® containers, to make the process of moving a whole lot easier. They’re convenient, cost effective, and can make your next move a whole lot easier.

Business and Office Relocation ServicesSimplistically speaking, using a storage container to move (and store) your belongings is as simple as:

  • The container is delivered to your door
  • You load it – in your own time
  • When you’re ready – you make the call and the container is picked up and moved to your next location
  • PLUS the container can even be stored while between homes.

Once you know that you are going to move, having a storage container delivered to your home can be a great way to help you gather up all of your belongings at your own pace, in your own time, without the rush and stress of a having to pack and move in the one day.

The sort of move that this service isn’t suited for is a local move when you do need to pack, move and unpack the truck in the same day. If that is the sort of move you need to do, look up the specialist removalist companies for this sort of moving service.

With PODS, the containers are delivered to you. The containers provide easy ground level loading access, making it as easy as possible to move your belongings in and out of the container. No trucks to climb in or out of; no car boots or back seats to fill and empty.

Using a storage container to move can also give you the time to sort and declutter. It gives you the time you need to sort and pack only what you want to move to your new home, keeping separate the items you no longer need or use that you could sell or give away.

Professional packers can also be arranged to help you, or do the job for you! Just ask when you’re requesting a quote for your move.

You are in control of how long you want to take to pack. When your containers is full and ready to move, simply call PODS to pick it up to deliver to the new location.

Another big advantage of using storage containers when moving is that you can put your full container into storage – for as short or long a time as needed. Maybe you are moving interstate, between home settlements, or building your new home. With PODS, your container can be stored at one of our secure Storage Centres; or you can keep it stored onsite at your place for as long as you need. Either way, whether the container is held at your place or the Storage Centre, you have access to your belongings.

Mobile self storageAND – PODS storage containers are secure – only YOU have the key. So whether you are taking your time to pack or unpack the container at your home, or it’s stored at PODS, you lock then keep the key to access the container. With a sturdy steel frame construction and weather resistant materials, your personal belongings and worldly possessions are secure.

Ready for your new home?

With one phone call your container is picked up then delivered to your new home. You take as long as you need to unpack as many or as few items that you want into your new home.

Its that easy!

So how much will all this cost?

The cost of storage containers will vary depending on the company that you choose. Factors that will go into the pricing include the size, duration of rental and of course location and/or how far you will be moving.

When comparing company options and quotes, please take into consideration the cost per cubic metre of space within the container. Not all portable storage containers are create equal. Some companies offer only one single size container option, so you may need several containers to complete your move. With PODS, we offer three different sized containers – so whether you are moving from a studio apartment or 5 bedroom house – we can cater to just about any size move. If you have a lot of stuff to move, moving with one large container will be more cost effective that moving with several small containers.

One other very important factor to consider when choosing who will help with your move is the team behind the phone. These are the people who will help coordinate your move and talk you through all the options to ensure you are given the right service for your specific requirements.

The PODS Customer Care team are moving and storage experts! Its what they do all day, every day. You tell them as much as you can about how much you have to move and store, where and when, and they will be able to advise the best and easiest options for your situation. But don’t just take our word for it. have a read of what our customers have to say about our team here.

Your customer service from beginning to end was exceptional
PODS testimonials - Haley, long term storage
PODS testimonials - Loretta, long term storage in Sydney

If You Need to Move Goods, Use a PODS container


Once you find the container moving and storage company that you want to use, all you have to do is contact them to get a quote as to how much you can expect to invest in a storage or moving container rental.

In the end, you’ll to see just how much easier storage containers can make the moving process.

Good luck with your next move. We hope to be helping you along the way.


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