How To Move Interstate: The Ultimate Guide

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moving-interstate-podsSo you’re moving interstate (and you’re overwhelmed!).

Well, you’re not alone. An estimated 340,000 people move interstate each year in Australia.

But of that number do you know who are the most successful movers? You guessed it – the ones who plan and prepare. Of course, this doesn’t guarantee a smooth process. But if you do your research, it will definitely save you time, money and heartache.

Now we understand you’re busy and can’t afford to spend weeks spinning your wheels or running down paths that turn out to be dead ends. That’s why we created the ‘ultimate guide’ for you! We’ve also created a moving checklist to keep you on track.

This article is the ultimate – comprehensive – guide to make moving interstate a breeze. We promise to take you from frustrated to enjoying your new home via the simplest route possible.

Now let’s get moving!

Part 1 – The Light Lifting

This first section consists of four steps. Here, we get you to choose a moving company, accept a quote and sort out the finer details like T&C’s and insurance.

Step 1: Find a reputable moving company

If you’re moving interstate then you need a moving company with a proven track record. Check out company reviews before selecting a moving company. Make a list of the best then compare prices.

Don’t hesitate to pay a little more to hire a company known for its high-quality customer service; it will pay off with the care of your belongings and communication. Also, make sure the moving company is registered to avoid a costly problem if something goes awry.

Wondering whether hiring a PODS container is the right moving solution? Check out these reasons why you should consider PODS for your next move.

Do you research or estimated quotesStep 2: Get some quotes

Okay you’ve got your list – now we can talk dollars.

You can hire an interstate moving company, hire a truck and move yourself or use our very own PODS containers.

The key is to ask for a detailed quote from the moving company. This quote should include a list of all the services provided along with interstate moving costs. Never rely on an oral agreement on what you will pay. The mover needs to sign the quote and detail everything in writing.

Here’s how young Aussie couple Matt & Amy found their interstate move with PODS.

Step 3: Check over the contract and T&C’s carefully

Once you have been given your quote and you’re ready to proceed, read the contract or rental agreement carefully. Confirm the moving dates and look for any hidden charges on your ‘bill of lading’, a document that is a contract between  you and your mover that includes a receipt for your belongings.check-t&cs-cartoon-pods

Registered movers are also required to provide you with a ‘move booklet’, which explains your rights in case any items are lost or damaged. Check the ‘Your Rights and Responsibilities’ section and cross check the list of services they will be performing.

When you receive a quote from PODS, all taxes and applicable delivery charges are included and the container hire service is flexible, which means you can change your dates to meet your needs and minimise moving stress.

Step 4: Don’t dismiss insurance

It’s advisable to take out insurance for your interstate move. Moving can be stressful enough, so at least consider some insurance to give you that added piece of mind. Ask your mover about contents protection cover to insure your belongings against loss or damage.

Part 2 – The Heavy Lifting

This second section consists of seven step. Here, we get you packed, un-packed and settled in with minimal fuss and maximum result. Check out the process in action in our Guide on moving from Sydney to Brisbane.

check-your-inventory-cartoon-podsStep 5: Create an inventory

Create an inventory of your belongings and include the value of all the items you trust the mover with. Your mover will assess the condition of each item before it is transported.

Ask for a copy of their inventory and check it carefully to make sure the description of your belongings is accurate (if incorrect this could affect your insurance claim, should anything go wrong).

Step 6: Buy your packing supplies

Your moving provider should be able to help you with packing supplies, otherwise head to a storage supplies outlet to stock up. You can also order moving boxes and packing supplies when you are ordering your PODS container delivery.

No time to pack? Believe it or not, there are companies dedicated to packing for you. You can hire a professional packer to pack or un-pack and set up your new home when the contents have been delivered. If you’re time-poor or just hate packing, this might be worth further exploring.

Step 7: Start packing (and do it early)

For those doing the pack by themselves, here are a few important rules to adhere by.

  • Pack items in order of use. Items you infrequently use can be packed weeks in advance of your moving date
  • Pack your most used items last
  • Don’t over-pack boxes; disperse the weight to maintain the integrity of the box
  • Minimise packing materials by utilising bed sheets, suitcases and bags
  • Don’t use newspaper around small and breakable items
  • Don’t forget to label boxes in detail

Removalist staff are trained to avoid breakages and should offer help to ensure packed items remain intact. Here’s some more interstate moving and packing loading tips.

pods=moving-cartoonStep 8: Supervise packing and un-packing

It’s best to supervise the packing and loading of your belongings. You will be able to check that the mover performs all the services you agreed to, not to mention supervise the more delicate items.

Also let your mover know when you will be present in your new home to supervise the delivery of your belongings.

When unpacking keep an eye on the unloading process and show movers where you want your belongings to go. Most moving companies are more than happy to be told what goes where, and how you want it placed.

Step 9: Check inventory upon arrival

Once all items are in, inspect over the inventory to make sure all your belongings were delivered in their original condition.

Your mover will ask you to sign a document that states you received your belongings in their original condition. Do not sign the document if you have any complaints.

Step 10: Pay on delivery

Pay the moving company when all your contents is unloaded and inside. Once the inventory has been signed off you will get a receipt of payment.

Step 11: Tie up loose ends

Take note of the following contracts and update what’s applicable to you.

  • School: Contact your present school to get notes on your child’s progress and to organise a transfer certificate.
  • Mail: Organise for letters and packages to be redirected or held through Australia Post.
  • Electoral roll: Visit the website of the electoral commission in your new state to update your voting registration as well as the Australian Electoral Commission.
  • Pets: You want to make your move as easy as possible on your pets, so check out our article on How to move with pets. Also, be sure to request a vaccination certificate and medical history from your vet. If microchipped, change address details with the database host.
  • Electricity: Call you current provider and discuss terminating or transferring your contract.
  • Medicare and insurance: Change your address details with your provider and access the Medicare website.
  • Car registration: Make an appointment with the appropriate agency in your new state to organise a roadworthy inspection. Usually this must be done within three months of change of address.

Finally…handy tips for moving on a budget

Moving long distances is expensive, however there are ways to slash costs.

  • Organise a garage sale, sell your items on Gumtree and Facebook marketplace, or complete charity drop-offs
  • Use a trustworthy company with a proven track record and get quotes in writing
  • Avoid moving during peak seasons e.g. school holidays, Easter and Christmas
  • Have your new house ready to avoid added storage costs
  • If you have truck driving experience, consider renting a truck

For more bargain tips, check out our article on the cheapest ways to move furniture interstate.

We are here to help! Our experienced Customer Service team has extensive knowledge and experience when it comes to helping plan your move. Call 1800 467 637 or get a quote now.



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    Hello, I need an interstate medium PODS from Brisbane to Melbourne, can you give me an indication of price please

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    I am moving to Melbourne from Ballina. Do you have specific storage locations in Melb as I will have to store for a month or two

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