10 Common Items Forgotten When Moving House

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Moving to a new home can be stressful for all family members, and pets. Before moving day there is so much to think about, you need to pack everything, from the smallest item to the biggest piece of furniture, making sure nothing is left behind. Its easy in the moving fluffy to forget some items. Here are 10 things you can check before before you leave you old home for the last time…

1. Keys

At the start of moving day, put your keys in your handbag, or somewhere safe and obvious that won’t be packed – so you can find easily grab them when you are ready to leave to move to your new home. And if possible, have spare keys kept by a member of the family.

2. Dental & Medical Records

If you’re moving across town or interstate, remember to have your Medical and Dental records moved to your new service provider. And don’t forget your pots veterinary records too. If you keep your medical prescriptions at the chemist, ask to have them moved to the pharmacy or chemist near your new home.

3. School records and certifications

It could be useful to get a copy of school records for your children, in case they are needed for any new schools. The same goes for any local clubs or sporting groups you or your family may be involved with. Moving to a new area, across town or interstate, may make it difficult to obtain copies if they are needed in the future.

4. Jewellery and Small

If you have any special jewellery or precious items hidden away in your home, don’t forget to get them out before moving day, and put them somewhere safe so they move with you. You could consider moving them to a safety deposit box a few weeks before your move to make sure they don’t become forgotten items.

5. Contact numbers and directories

Do you need any special contact numbers from your old local area? Neighbours? Do you have printed local business directory books that you want to take with you? If yes, take note of special numbers, and place printed directories in a hand carry bag for easy access once you have moved to you new home. The internet will be a way to lookup most numbers, but if neighbours have private or unlisted numbers, you won’t be able to find them online.

6. Bank Information

Do you have any special documents held at your local bank branch office? You can request they be moved to the branch nearest your new home.

7. Rentals and cleaning services

Have you settled credit accounts with local services? Returned library books? Don’t forget to collect any dry cleaning orders before moving day.

8. Cleaning the Area

Its nice to leave the home you are moving from clean and ready for the new occupants on their moving in day. Hopefully, the people moving from your new home will have done the same. If you are moving in to an empty home, give it a quick look over before moving day. You may need to give it a bit of a clean before you move your own possessions into your new home.

9. Leave a note

If you haven’t been able to talk with your neighbours, leave them a quick note to let them know you are moving. It might be a nice idea to leave a Welcome note for the new occupants, welcoming them to their new home.

10. Mailing address

Let your friends and family know your new address. You may also need to let utility services know your new address for cancelled services. It can also be handy to leave your new address on the note for the occupants of the home you are moving out of, so they can forward any mail.

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