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Ask any real estate agent and they will tell you that for the greatest bang for your buck, you should invest the bulk of your budget in upgrading your kitchen, your master bedroom and bath and work on your home’s street appeal. And, in most recent years, sustainability has also become of great concern to the new generation of homeowners. As a matter of fact, the trend in sustainability as well as the economic realities of the last decade have also brought about a wave in functional, fuss-free and clutter-free living and design solutions.

Beginning with entryways, this new trend in functionality dictates spaces that allow for organised storage solutions for everything from muddy boots and raincoats to backpacks and sports gear. And to keep your feet comfy while you yank that rain boot off your feet, the much loved heated floor trend has now been making a grand appearance in the foyer. Heated floors also offer a great sustainable solution as less energy is needed to maintain a comfortable temperature in the space.

On to the main living area where the trend of the great room seems to have become a way of life and the one trend with staying power. Besides feeling more spacious, a great room allows for families to spend more time together. For instance, it’s the perfect way for parents to keep an eye on the kids and help with homework while preparing dinner. It’s also a perfect solution for casual gatherings- a preferred trend over over-stuffy dinner parties. Besides, everyone always ends up gathering in the kitchen anyways!

Speaking of kitchens, now that they are out in the open for everyone to see, a few new creative solutions are making the transition between kitchen and living room more seamless. Shelves instead of upper cabinets provide for a beautiful display area and create an airier feel. Raw materials such as butcher blocks on centre islands provide for another smooth transition as do brass, gold, bronze and copper fixtures and cabinet pulls.

At the same time as we are moving towards more technologically advanced appliances, including refrigerators that send you reminders to buy milk and lights that can be turned on or off with a mobile phone while away in a conference miles away from home, we are choosing to unplug and more and more of us are ditching the TV in our living rooms in favour of real face time interaction with family members.

In turn, we are introducing those TV’s in our bathroom mirrors so that we can catch up with the latest news while we get ready for work in the morning. As a matter of fact, we are turning the look of our bathrooms into more of a living space by devoting more square footage and a separate bathtub and shower as well as soft furniture, chandeliers and designer rugs.

In that same vain, our powder rooms are bolder and make a greater design statement than ever before. Showpiece vanities, sinks and fixtures as well as bold new wallpaper options are making it so much easier to create a bold and personal statement.

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Interior Designer, Marjan Yavari, has practiced the art of interior and event design since 2000 at various firms in and around Los Angeles. She is currently traveling between cities on three continents so she writes articles about the world of interior design, luxury lifestyles and memorable events while exploring different cultures, architectures, scouring flea and vintage markets. To keep up with her,  follow her on Instagram @studioyavari

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