Moving during rainy weather

Has the weather forecast predicted rain when you’re scheduled to move house? Moving in wet weather means that not only do you need to keep your belongings dry, you also need to keep yourself safe. Here are a few tips we’ve put together to help you with the big move during rainy weather. 

Moving during rainy weather will require some extra patience, a bit more time and extra planning. Watch for slippery surfaces, and be careful as you carry boxes and furniture.

Here are a few quick tips…

Get Ready

Hose any mud or dirt off your driveway or access to your PODS container. This will help reduce the movement of dirt and mud between and inside your house and the container. Ensure easy access between your house and container, giving yourself the shortest distance to walk in the rain – this will help minimise your exposure to the rain. And don’t rush – especially with water on the floor and ground surfaces. Have plenty of towels, drop sheets and plastic ready. PODS can help with extra mattress bags and moving blankets. The more prepared you are, the smoother (and safer!) your moving will go.

Dress Right

Wear non-slip shoes. Carrying heavy, large or awkward items can be especially tricky and risky with wet floors and surfaces. Make sure you have shoes with good grip and wear light wet weather jacket. Keep towels handy to dry yourself and floors as you go, for safety and to help make clean up at the end of your move much easier!

Keeping boxes and furniture dry

It might sound obvious, but rain and your cardboard boxes, fabrics and soft furnishings are not a good combination. With the fluster of moving, damaged goods are one thing that you don’t want to have to worry about. Plastic will be your friend! Wrap or cover your boxes with plastic as you move them between your PODS container and your home. Mattress bags work well for furniture, especially the larger items. Using sheets, drop-sheets and blankets can help keep furniture dry too.

Keep your electronic devices and electrical items dry

TVs, computers, printers and white goods need to be protected. Make sure everything is turned off and disconnected before you start to move them. Use plastic and bubble wrap to cover and protect your electronic devices. Mattress bags can be handy for white goods and big electrical items. Keep your cables together in plastic bags – make sure you clearly label each bag so you know where to find everything to reconnect once you’re moved.

When you get to your destination

Now to unpack your container! Before you start, lay towels and drop-sheets in the doorway and main access areas in the house. This will help keep water and mud inside to a minimum. Dry off wet items, included plastic wrapped boxes, before you move them into the house.

Good luck with your move! Please keep safe and dry, and please don’t rush. Better to take a bit longer moving your boxes and furniture than the rush and slip, hurting yourself or breaking something.

Remember that our Customer Care team are only a phone call away! We’re here to help make your move as easy as possible. Give us a call on 1800 467 637 if you have questions about moving in the rain.

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