7 practical ways to downsize your home with ease

When faced with the prospect of downsizing their home, many people instantly feel that they are being hurled into the abyss of lesser living. It can also be quite an emotional time if you’re saying goodbye to your family home. What you might find is that reducing the size of your dwelling place can prove to be a very liberating experience – but only when you approach it with purpose and a positive mindset. It is a process that leaves you right at the intersection of less and more, which is just enough.

Whether you’re intentionally striving for a minimalistic life or you’re downsizing out of necessity, it takes enormous courage and a touch of creativity. As you choose a life of essentialism over clutter, here are some tips to make the transition as hassle-free as possible:

1. Be intentional

It is important to be purposeful with this process by crafting a plan and setting your agenda in alignment with the grander scheme of things. At the very least, figure out what it is that you want out of the process, then take appropriate action to move towards that end goal. And the truth is, you may find yourself deviating from what you initially set out to accomplish, but planning is less about the logistics and more about proactivity.

2. Be decisive about what goes into your new space

Think of downsizing your home as the journey to bringing a brand new piece of artwork to life. Your new space is your blank canvas and you’re the artist. You should carve out your space with the same intricacy that an artist would carve out a sculpture. What can you live without? Which items haven’t you made use of in years? What would you replace if it were no longer functional? Take with you only what is necessary and rule out all the inessentials.

4. Maximise your space

Naturally, downsizing comes with a smaller space, but it doesn’t have to be a daunting prospect. You can be more economical with the room that you do have by investing in smart storage. It would be wise to elect for units that fit seamlessly under stairs, beds, and other convenient spots. You get a place for all your belongings while having the illusion of infinite space. Another crafty option is to get multifunctional furniture like adjustable tables and sofa beds.

5. Use your new home as the blueprint

When downsizing your home, your floor plans can come in very handy. Before moving in any of your furniture, pre-determine which pieces fit best and are more space-efficient within the given layout. Leaving that decision until after you’ve jam packed all your belongings into your humble abode, can prove to be catastrophic. So please, avoid clutter like the plague.

6. Stay organized

The truth is, downsizing is an intricate task and having some measure of organisation will save not only time but energy. Remaining organised is not only about increasing your efficiency but closing the margin for insanity. If it takes colour-coding your items, taking inventory, or sorting all your belongings into different bins, by all means, go for it! When you take some time to straighten out the minute details, you also get more room for spontaneity and creativity to flourish. This way, you don’t take the fun out the process and it becomes a meaningful experience all round.

7. Get an accountability partner

Sometimes you just need a family member or friend to hit you with some perspective and let you know when you’re being irrational. Particularly when you’re downsizing your home, you may be tempted to keep as many of your prized possessions as possible. Getting some objective insight can help the process run along more effortlessly so you don’t end up with an influx of unnecessary baggage.

When tackled with initiative and a willingness to embrace the process, downsizing your home can be an exceedingly fulfilling experience. Think of it as developing the capacity for more meaningful things, a chance to reduce the complexity of your life, and ultimately, a fresh start.

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