The Best Clothing To Wear When You Are Moving

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Although moving is considered an important event with plenty of activity both inside and outside of the house, it is also important that you do not forget to make sure that you are dressed appropriately for the day. You do not want to wear clothing that is uncomfortable or dangerous. For example, you don’t want to wear thongs! You could trip, easily stub your toes or drop a heavy object on your feet. You can make the task a little easier and more comfortable when you use the following tips to select the best outfit for moving day.

What Shoes to Wear

Wear shoes that adequately support your feet, and ideally enclose your feet. Enclosed shoes will help prevent you from tripping plus give you extra protection if you drop anything.

Two good footwear options are boots or closed shoes – but make sure they’re comfortable and fit for purpose. Unexpected accidents can damage the shoes that are considered beyond normal wear and tear.

What Pants to Wear

There is no doubt that you will be quite active during your moving day. Wear pants that are made with flexible and lightweight material. The pants should move freely, and they should provide you comfort. Loose fitting jeans, pants and shorts are the best options for lower body wear.

Layer up

Layering your clothing can prove to be a lifesaver while you are in the moving process. For example, you may want to wear a light jacket or jumper, especially if you are moving in the early morning or during the cooler months. You will probably be ready to remove the jacket or sweater once the blood begins circulating.

And don’t forget Sun Protection

Let’s face it – we live in Australia, and the sun, even in the winter months, can emit some very strong UV rays. You can cover up with clothing, long sleeves and long pants, or make sure that you apply plenty of sunscreen. If you do not use waterproof sunscreen, reapply the sunscreen as needed.

Moving can be an stressful task and tough job, but dressing inappropriately can make you even more uncomfortable. Choose clothing that will work with you and allow you to remain efficient while you are moving your belongings to a new location.

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