Tips For Saving Money When Moving House

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Moving can be an expensive process. When a new property has been either purchased or rented, a large outlay of cash has already been made to secure it and money can be very tight. In order to save money when moving house, follow these tips for economical packing and transport of your household items.

1. Clear Out Your Excess Belongings In Advance Of The Move.

In the months before your move, take the time to go through every room of the house and get rid of items that you will not be using in your new location. It doesn’t make sense to move things that you no longer wish to have. Either have a large garage sale or donate material to a local charity for resale. You will appreciate this when it comes time to pack.

2. Start Stockpiling Boxes.

Look for deals on boxes in the months prior to your move. You can even head to local stores and ask them if you can have some free boxes that they would otherwise toss out. Plan to use clothing items or towels to pack boxes of fragile items in order to avoid purchasing packaging materials.

3. Schedule A Packing And Moving Party.

Plan to have your friends and family over to help you pack your home up. The more prepared you are for the move, the smoother it will go. On the day of the move itself, make sure that you have a plan in place. Consider moving larger items first so that people are fresher and won’t injure themselves. Make sure that you order in takeout to feed everyone or they will wander off before the work is done.

4. Rent A Truck Or Trailer.

To ensure that you get the truck or trailer that you want for your move, be sure to make arrangements at least one month in advance with the leasing company. If you have a truck or car with a trailer hitch, you can save a great deal of money by renting a trailer instead. Friends or family with trucks may be willing to donate them for use during the move.

The key to keeping moving costs down is to plan in advance. The more organized you are, the easier it will be to unpack at the new location. Only move what you want to keep and pack boxes as tightly as possible.

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