Moving Interstate? Brisbane-Sydney-Melbourne-Adelaide

PODS makes interstate moving less stressful. Whether you’re moving yourself, your family or your business, we’ll remove the hassles and headaches from the moving process.

When you move with PODS, we give you all the time you need to load your belongings into your empty container. When you ready to settle in to your new home, we’ll deliver the container right to your door, and you can take as much time as you need to unload everything. If your move takes weeks or months, we can manage the storage for you too.

With Storage Centres in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydneyand Adelaide, PODS can move you between Melbourne and Brisbane, Sydney and Adelaide, and any combination in between.

 A smarter way to move interstate with PODS


PODS containers are strong, secure and weather resistant. The roll up door is light-weight but durable to keep your belongings safe and secure. Once your container is locked, only YOU have the key; and the container you load is the container that is delivered to your destination. There is no unloading-and-loading of your belongings between moving trucks and destinations.

You are in control

The beauty about moving with PODS is that you are in control. There is one key to each POD and that key is yours. You choose when you want things to be delivered and taken away. As for us, we’re just there to support you and make sure your journey with PODS is flexible, efficient and enjoyable!


From the moment you order your PODS container, one of our customer care representatives will commit themselves to ensuring your specific needs for your move from Brisbane to Melbourne are fulfilled. They will listen and make recommendations based on what you’re after, and aim to deliver an experience that goes above and beyond.

Pack and Unpack at your own pace

Our PODS drivers will deliver your storage container adhering to the time you choose. From there, you have no deadlines or time pressure. We allow you to pack your PODS container at your own leisure.


We have 3 different sized containers; small, medium and large. We have these different sizes to accommodate a range of moving and storage needs. Whether you’ve got a small unit or a family home, there will be a PODS storage solution for you.

How PODS® Moving Containers work

  • We Deliver

    We bring you a PODS container and place it at ground level ready for easy packing.

  • You Pack

    You pack at your own pace, or let our professional packing partners do all the work.

  • We Move

    We pick up your container and move you interstate.

  • We Store

    Safe and secure at one of our Storage Centres, short or long term. Or store it at your premises.

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