A Cuppa And The Hand Of Friendship To Fight Loneliness

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Did you know that over five and a half million Australians are lonely almost all of the time or on a regular basis? This is about one in four of all of us, according to a survey conducted by the Australian Red Cross looking in to the state of loneliness and isolation in Australia.

With regard to this survey, Australian Red Cross CEO, Judy Slatyer said “Loneliness doesn’t have to be a constant part of so many lives – all it takes is one person to reach out and brighten up a person’s life …”

Rosies Friends on the StreetIn many instances, that ‘one person’ may be one of the 1150 dedicated volunteers working with Rosies Friends on the Street.

Rosies has made it their mission to reach out to people who feel lonely, abandoned, socially isolated and marginalised within our communities. With 11 branches across Queensland, their army of volunteers is dedicated to providing a sustained sense of belonging where ever they can.

They do this by extending and sharing friendship with people on the streets. Volunteers spend time regularly visiting the same locations. This means that patrons, friends on the street, know when and where the Rosies team will be. A simple cuppa and a bite to eat over a couple of hours provides a connection and possible respite from what can be a very difficult lifestyle environment.

Rosies Friends on the Street is a not-for-profit organization. It is funded entirely by private donations and donations in kind. They do not undertake direct marketing or fundraising activities, rather relying on private donations and the generosity of others nominating Rosies as their Charity of Choice in their own fundraising efforts.

How does pods help?

PODS Australia is proud to be a partner to Rosies. We do this by donating a large 16’ storage container for their onsite storage needs. The container works as a storage hub for in-kind donations at their state office location in Wynnum West.

Non-perishable foods items, toiletries, sleeping bags, tables, benches and shade tents are stored in the container until needed.

Cath Lindsay, Rosies State Coordinator Volunteers and Outreach Programs, said “It is difficult to predict when donations will come in, so to have this storage facility on-hand has helped solve a logistical issue.”

Cath added “we bulk up here [with donations] and distribute to our other branches as needed”.

More About Rosies Friends On The Street

Father Tom Shortfall OMI established Rosies in Victoria 43 years ago, in 1975. The centre took its name from the suburb his parish house was located in, Rosebud. Rosies began as a coffee shop/drop in centre for holidaying youth in the area, and grew into an important youth outreach centre.

Father Paul Costello OMI started Rosies in Queensland 12 years later, in 1985. Rosies took to the streets of the Gold Coast in a van during Schoolies Week. Their aim was to provide support and friendship to school leavers. Rosies continue their community work at the Gold Coast Schoolies Week each year, collaborating with the State Government and Gold Coast City Council and other support service programs to work to make the week as safe as possible for Schoolies and the local community. Just like our friends at Red Frogs Australia, they work tirelessly to help keep young people safe while they celebrate this milestone in their lives.

Rosies Friends on the StreetIt was during these early Schoolies Week activities that Rosies came into contact with the local homeless population and realised that a year-round presence for their outreach services was needed.

Rosies has grown in volunteer numbers, organisational structure, and in its reach of services. Their volunteers operate street vans, visit adult and youth prisons, provide support to people facing court, and run youth and student engagement programs. Click here to read more.

Rosies is funded entirely from private donation. Their 1150-strong volunteer army is an essential part of their operation, but without the funds to purchase and operate essential resources and services, they would not exist. If you would like to make a donation, get involved or become a partner to Rosies, follow the links below:


Get Involved, Raise Or Pledge $35, And Take The Sea To Sky Q1 Stair Challenge

Are you ready to take on Australia’s tallest building? Rosies is Charity partner at the SkyPoint Sea to Sky Q1 Stair Challenge. On Sunday March 11 people from all walks of life, teams and individuals, with ran, walk and crawl their way up 77 floors of the Gold Coast’s Q1 building. Click here for more event information.

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