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Organize your Self Storage Unit

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Self Storage spaces are becoming more and more affordable but it would still be practical for you to be able to use up every inch of your unit’s space to get the most of your monthly rent. You shouldn’t get yourself another unit just because you can’t get everything to fit in your already big self storage unit.

Heavy goes to the back

Always remember to store the heavy stuff at the back of your storage unit. It will be easier for you to move around. There’s small possibility for you to lift them and bring them in and out of your unit regularly. It would also help that you store them at the bottom of the pile. This will ensure that your items do not shift or crush because of the weight.

Like items? Store them together

An inventory of everything that you have in store and those that you want to add to the storage will help you distinguish a category on where items should go. It would help you look for item when the time comes that you need to use then and minimize any sort of damage that they can incur.

Use up the space inside hollow containers and furniture

If you are storing furniture such as a dresser or closet, use up the space inside them. It would be a waste of space if you don’t use up this space. Store small things there, such as little trinkets or clothes.

Protect Everything Fragile

Transport to and fro your self storage can cause considerable amount of damage to your items. There’s no sense in storing items that are either damaged or useless already. To keep them safe, make sure that you use protective packaging or floor coverings to ease out the transport.

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