How to choose the best self storage unit for you

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Now that you have decided to get self storage for your belongings, you now have to decide what size of self storage would be sufficient for what you need to store in it.  Here are PODS our goal is to provide you with the best assistance leaving you stress free and satisfied. If you are having trouble deciding which storage container you need, we have an onsite storage calculator that you may consult. If you are still in doubt, this article will help you decide. It will discuss a few guidelines related in choosing which storage container to avail. Don’t worry, you’re in good hands!

Will you visit the storage frequently?

If you will be visiting the storage often then you should opt for the one with enough space for you to go around the storage space. It should fit all your stuff with ample walking area. You don’t want to have to walk over boxes or to stumble into your stuff when you want to get something stored in the back. The storage container should give you easy access to all your stuff.

What do you need to store in it?

It’s a matter of scaling if you will just need a small container for a few boxes or a large container for big furniture and stuff.

How long do you need to use the storage containers?

If you are only planning to use the storage container for a short period of time then you better choose the one which would be enough for all the stuff you needed stored for the time being. If it’s going to be a long term storage space then you probably have to choose a bigger one to accommodate future items you’ll need to store in it.

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