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Quick and Easy Tips to increase space in your home

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There’s just not enough space everywhere. That’s about what everyone says when they try to organize their stuff. You need not to purchase a new house for this matter. We’ve compiled a list of tips that will help you increase space in your home.


Sort your things out.

You’ve got stuff that you seldom use, those that you need every day and those that you need depending on the season. Sort your stuff into such and you’ll be able to know which of your stuff are the things that you can store in the most accessible place and those that you can store away in a self-storage unit.


Invest in multifunctional items.

A lot of items available in the market come with more than one function take advantage of those. Check out furniture such as footstools that double as storage. There are beds that you can pull up to expose a storage area.


Stack upwards

The less floor space there is the smaller it looks and feels. Use boxes and fill it up with the stuff that you rarely use and stack them as high as you can. They actually don’t have to be storage boxes. If you just don’t have the space and looking for a decorative way of storing your items, opt for woven baskets stacked in a wall cabinet or decorated plastic boxes with labels. They should be visually appealing.


Regularly clean up

It may seem boring and quite a hassle but you’ll benefit from a pristinely clean room at the end of the day. Regularly clean up your room, keeping things where they need to be as much as possible. Don’t leave stuff laying somewhere in your room. Make the effort to store it where it used to be and don’t leave anything just anywhere.

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