5 Reasons Why You Need A Self-Storage Unit

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If you’re finding that a lack of space is becoming a problem, it might be time to consider renting a self-storage unit. Whether it’s temporary or long term, self-storage units provide hassle free and instantly accessible solutions for a variety of needs.

If you’re still unsure about whether self-storage is the right solution for you, check out the following examples of how people are renting units all across Australia. It might encourage you to rent a self-storage unit for yourself.

Apartment Living

Living in the city is convenient, but apartments are often cramped. In high-density areas, space is at a premium and the size of apartments is often insufficient for everyone’s property. Renting a storage unit to keep miscellaneous items (e.g. that grand piano you inherited) or seasonal items (e.g. your winter wardrobe) out of the way is a cost-effective solution. It keeps belongings safe, secure and gives owners peace of mind.

Small Business

An increasing number of small businesses are being set up and run from homes. No matter what industry you work in, space is often needed and a self-storage unit offers a more economical alternative to renting a shop or warehouse. Some small businesses use units to:

  • Store excess stock and inventory
  • Keep bulky items safe and out of the way
  • Use it as a drop off spot for vendors who share the same equipment

Short Term

People hosting events, trade shows or fetes also find the convenience of mobile self-storage of great benefit when organising their logistics to help everything run smoothly. Delivery to the site makes PODS the perfect solution for their short-term needs.

Household Goods and Personal Items

Whether you’re selling your house, renovating or making room for a growing family, self-storage is the perfect solution for safe guarding your furniture or treasured items. With a PODS container delivered to your home, you can pack at your leisure. There’s sure to be a convenient container size to fit your needs, be it an entire house or maybe just a room.


Students who live in a share house or dormitory might prefer to store their furniture temporarily over their holiday breaks. It’s far more convenient than shipping everything home and back again. Students can even rent a self-storage unit as a group to save money.

These are just a few examples of why people rent a self-storage unit. If any of these resonate with you, it might be time to pull the trigger.

Overloaded garage. Boxes, coolers, sporting gear and more.

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