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Simple Packing and storage tips to organize your home

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Cleaning up clutter is probably one of the things that most people don’t like doing but there are a lot of benefits when it comes to having a clean and organized home. Look into our list of packing and storage tips to help you keep your stuff organized.


  • Delicate items needs to be handled with care. Use bubble wrap or newspaper when packing them up. Put them inside a furniture drawer for added protection.
  • Drain fluids from equipment before storing them. This will prevent any corrosive damage from happening.
  • When packing smaller items into big boxes make sure that you fill the boxes completely, leaving no space behind. This will ensure that they would crumble or collapse when you stack them up.
  • Put boards in between the furniture and the floor of the storage unit, you don’t want to damage your furniture while it is stored.
  • Treat wood surfaces such as your table tops and use protective covering before storing them. They’ll be in perfect shape when you bring them out and use them again.
  • Use a can or pale to store fishing poles, shovels, rakes and those household items that have long handles. It’ll keep them away without you worrying them to tip over.
  • Your heirloom pieces should be handled with extra care. Make sure that you use specialized boxes and dehumidifiers to prevent mildew build-up.
  • Do not store food or any perishable in your storage unit.
  • If you still got the original boxes of your TVs, stereos and other appliances, use them to store your appliances in. These boxes are perfectly made for your appliances and each one will surely keep your stuff safe.
  • Add extra protection to your furniture through spraying a good quality furniture polish before storing it.

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