Staxafun Fete Storage Problem. Solved!

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Belgrave South Primary School have their annual Staxafun Fete coming up soon – 25 March 2017. And with that comes an event storage problem…

This fete is their biggest fundraising event for the year. Along with rides and the usual fun stuff you find at school fetes are their ever popular Trash’n’Treasure and Book Stalls.

As any parent who has been on a school fete committee knows – fetes and these sorts of stalls need a lot of storage space to hold all the fundraising items until ready for sale on the big day. Belgrave South Primary School had exactly that event storage problem!

Items are donated to the school for these Trash’n’Treasure and Book Stalls in the lead up to the big day. In the past, donated goods were stored in an onsite portable building, but that building has been removed. That left the school with not a scrap of storage for their event.

PODS to the rescue! At PODS we are committed to helping support school and community groups where and when we can. Sarah from the Belgrave South Primary School Staxafun Fete Committee got in contact with us, as we’re happy to be able to help out.

If you’re in Melbourne, near Belgrave South, head out and support the school with their fundraising. The fete kicks off at midday until 6pm Saturday 25 March.

Can we help with your event storage needs?

If you have a school fete or community fundraising event coming up and need to safely store items in the lead up, or even during the event, check out our storage website or give our team a call on 1800 467 637. PODS will get you sorted with a portable and secure storage solution!


Belgrave South Primary School Staxafun Fete container donation

Belgrave South Primary School Staxafun Fete container donation

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