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PODS® helped Brisbane during the floods

 In Community Support

Our thoughts are with all our fellow Queenslanders affected by the devastating floods and cyclones that have marked the start of 2011. Like so many Australians, our local team has donated their time, money or belongings in an effort to help those who have lost so much. PODS® has also been quick to respond with disaster support in the form of emergency storage and discounts for victims, and we look forward to continue working with local communities affected by these catastrophic events as they start the long road to recovery.

Team Brisbane is proud to lay claim to being the first international PODS® franchise location (don’t let Sydney tell you differently) and so help bring the great PODS® brand to Australia. Over the years we’ve worked hard to tailor PODS® products and services to the unique needs of the Queensland communities that we service – and we continue to build our local team and local storage locations to better meet our customers needs.

We welcome any feedback or suggestions you might have – simply email me at and I’ll be in touch to discuss.

Wayne Clucas
Brisbane Manager

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