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Planning on moving your piano yourself, but don’t know where to start? It’s a difficult undertaking – pianos are the heaviest, most fragile, and often times, most expensive item in the household. If you’re set on moving it yourself, be sure to properly plan and prepare. To help get you started, we’ve prepared a step-by-step guide to show you how to move your piano as safely as possible and avoid any damage.

Before moving a piano


How to move a pianoAsk for help

Pianos are both heavy and awkward in shape. In order to move a piano, you’ll need to round up at least two to three other people to help lift it. Depending on the shape, weight distribution will vary and it’s important for you and your moving team to know what to expect.



Have the right equipment How to move a piano

Before the move make sure you have everything you need, including:

  • Blankets to help protect and insulate the piano from bumps
  • Strong straps that can help (safely) lift and hold the piano tight
  • Two to three furniture dollies strong enough to support the weight of the piano and transport it across a flat surface

Note: Even if your piano is on wheels you should never use them to roll the piano more than a few centimetres. They aren’t strong enough to move the piano over a long distance and are likely to break.

If you’re not sure where to source these items, talk to your moving company who should be able to offer some advice.


How to move a pianoPlan your move

Before your moving truck or PODS Container arrives, make sure you have measured all doorways (and stairwells) to ensure that it will fit and clear a path for it. Your piano should be the first thing packed as you’ll want it to be as deep in the truck as possible for maximum stability.


How to move a piano


How to move a piano

Secure the lid

One thing you must never forget is to keep the lid of the keyboard closed and locked. If you don’t have a lockable lid, use some moving tape to keep it shut. Some movers even add blankets under the lid for extra protection of the keys.

Note: When using tape on the surface, make sure the adhesive is gentle enough and won’t damage the surface of the wood.


Pad with blankets How to move a piano

Wrap the piano with blankets and use moving tape to keep them securely in place. Make sure all corners are covered so that there is no damage inflicted to the surface.


How to move a pianoReady to lift

Once the piano is securely locked, tied and padded, it’s time to move it. Using the straps, you and your moving team will need to lift the piano off the ground just high enough to slide the dollies underneath. When doing this, make sure you keep your piano in an upright position at all times. Once both dollies are under each side of the piano, you’ll be able to gently and slowly move the piano along a flat surface.


Getting it in the moving truck How to move a piano

Once at the truck make sure that your ramp is in place. With all helpers on hand, push the dollies up the ramp and be prepared to use your muscles. Make sure you have full control of the piano at all times and communicate with everyone involved.

If using a PODS Container, it rests at ground level level which means there are no ramps, making unloading and loading a piano a lot easier.


How to move a pianoProtecting it in the truck

Place the piano in the back of the moving truck against the wall. Ensure that the padding is secure and that the surface of the piano is well protected. Pack your other boxes around the piano to help support it and keep it from rolling during the drive.


How to move a piano


How to move a pianoBringing it home

Once you’ve arrived at your new home, it’s time to unpack your truck or PODS Container. Your piano should be the last thing taken out, so quickly remove all other boxes in its path. Once it’s time to remove it, prepare the ramp and slowly roll your piano out of the truck with the assistance of your helpers. Just as you moved your piano out of your old home, slowly and safely move your piano on the furniture dollies into your new home. Ensure that its final resting place is clean and clear of all clutter.

Time to tune How to move a piano

After your move is complete, you’ll need to tune your piano again. It’s best to wait a few weeks to do this, once your piano has settled into its new environment.



As you can see, moving a piano is a serious undertaking. If you’re not confident in the move for any reason (flights of stairs or a lack of muscles), consider hiring professional movers to help you. And always speak to your moving company to get advice.

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