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Key Take-outs Moving from Sydney to Brisbane

If you’re reading this, chances are that you’ve decided to take the plunge and trade your Sydneysider status to become a Brisbanite. Whether you’re excited, feeling nervous or starting to panic, there’s a lot to consider before moving from Sydney to Brisbane. To help you ensure that you have all your bases covered, we’ve put together this comprehensive guide on moving to the sunshine state. From the planning stage to unpacking at your new home – we’ve got handy tips to help prepare you and stick to a budget. Don’t be overwhelmed, take a deep breath and dive in.



Moving Sydney To BrisbaneBrisbane – or Bris Vegas to some – is trending hard right now and for good reason. Not only is it being dubbed as the next cultural capital of Australia but it’s also the most affordable option for first-time homebuyers and renters in all of Australia’s east coast cities. So where should you start? Research is key.

Knowledge is power

If you are one of the brave ones moving up without any family or friends to help guide you on which suburbs to move to or where the best coffee is, start researching as much as possible. Websites like The Urban List and Visit Brisbane can help you know the lay of the land.

Test the waters

Instead of diving straight into a long-term lease or buying property in a suburb you know nothing about, opt for a month-to-month rental to start so that you can get to know the area. As you’ll find out, the north side of Brisbane is a lot different from the south. Take the time to assess your new area and see how it fits into your daily life.



Once you’ve done the research and confirmed your final or temporary Brisbane destination – it’s time to prepare for the move. The most important thing to remember is be organized. Make a decision about what kind of move you want to make and (in a perfect world) prepare at least two months in advance. We’ve already created an in-depth list of what to do before the move, but we’ve summarized the basics below.


Choose what kind of move you want

Moving up to Brisbane can be daunting so think about the kind of experience you want to have. You can leave every detail fully in the hands of professionals, which can be slightly invasive and expensive, or take control yourself and use a service like PODS.

PODS (Portable On Demand Storage) is a one-stop moving and storage solution for the Sydney to Brisbane move. We’ll deliver a storage container (aka a POD) to your home, which you can pack at your own pace. The items inside are kept safe with your own lock and you can have it picked up any time before the big move. The container can be placed in storage while you finalize your living arrangements or it can be delivered straight away to your new home.


Donate Declutter and sell unwanted itemsTwo months before

As you make your final decision about which moving service to use, two months out you should be ticking off the following boxes:

  • Get final quotes for both moving and storage from different companies. We make it as easy as possible with our PODS online quote
  • If you’re moving straight into your final Brisbane home, create a floor plan to determine what furniture and appliances you’ll need to take and make your final inventory list
  • Prepare for a moving sale or start slowly selling your things on online marketplaces like Gumtree – this will ensure that you only have to take what you want. At the end of the day, the less stuff you have to move, the cheaper it will be


moving checklist

One month before

One month out from the move, you should be getting serious:

  • Confirm your final moving and storage solution. If you choose PODS schedule the delivery date of your container, choose a storage option or have it sent to your new address
  • Make a decision about whether you need the assistance of removalists to help you pack up. If you need help book their time now
  • Plan the itinerary and travel arrangements of your move from Sydney to Brisbane (more guidance on this below)


Other important areas not to forget

Australia PostAs you start to physically get rid of and pack up your items, there’s a lot more involved in moving up to Brisbane. Don’t forget to complete the following:

  • File a change of address with Australia Post
  • Notify your bank and other service providers of the change of address
  • Service your car in preparation for the drive up to Brisbane
  • Speak with your doctor and other healthcare providers for referrals and obtain all medical records. The same goes for your furry friends too
  • Schedule disconnection of utility services at your old home (the day after you leave is the most ideal) and schedule the connection at your new home (the day before is the most ideal)
  • If you’re a renter, arrange for cleaning and repair of furniture, carpeting and curtains


Packing Up – The Week Before

With one week to go, it’s crunch time. The last week will start to feel frenzied but keep calm and stick to the plan:

  • Start packing items away in boxes and think about how they will be stored during the move – e.g. heavier items should be placed on the bottom of the container, with more fragile at the top
  • Clear out the fridge and freezer – make your final meals with what you have so nothing is left to waste
  • Set aside the clothes, amenities and the personal belongings you’ll need for the drive up to Brisbane
  • If you’re putting your items into storage, forecast what clothing and other items you’ll need and anticipate if there will be a change of weather. Believe it or not Brisbane does get cold


moving dayPacking Up – The Day Before

The final stretch, what should it look like?

  • Some Sydney streets are incredibly crowded. If you’re using PODS, try and claim a spot in front of your house or apartment where the container can be deposited. Save the spot with your car the night before
  • Leave enough time to safely and securely pack your items away – don’t leave too much space in the POD for things to move around
  • Pack your car at the same time that you pack your POD to ensure nothing is stowed away in the wrong place. This is where having comprehensive lists becomes invaluable
  • Pack items that you will need right away at your new home or temporary location and label this box “load last.” Place closest to the PODS container door so that you can access it right away
  • Are you moving with pets? If travelling with you, make sure you have an adequate supply of food, medications, leashes, travel cages and water dishes packed in the car
  • Do a final sweep of the house; check the car and check the POD before locking it up and sending it on its way



The day has finally come to make the move. If you’re carless, a flight out is your quickest and cheapest option to get up to Brisbane. For those who have cars, a road trip is in order. When driving from Sydney to Brisbane there are two options to choose from.

Moving Day

Go Inland

If rolling country landscapes are what you’re after on the drive, take the inland route along the New England Highway. You can break up the drive by staying in Tamworth.

  • Sydney to Tamworth – average 4.5 hours drive
  • Tamworth to Brisbane – average 6 hours drive

Go Coastal

The coastal route along the Pacific Highway is incredibly scenic. Drive to Coffs Harbour and break up the trip by staying overnight.

  • Sydney to Coffs Harbour – average 6 hours drive
  • Coffs to Brisbane – average 4.5 hours drive

Don’t forget

  • Leave early to get out of Sydney with minimal traffic congestion
  • Take regular breaks every few hours along the drive
  • When leaving your car overnight, make sure that it is in a safe and secure location. You’ll most likely have valuable possessions in it so keep it in sight



You made it! After a safe arrival in Brisbane, it’s time to settle in.

Moving into your new home

Unpacking will be your first priority:

  • Make sure that you or someone you trust is at your new home when your items are delivered
  • Check the boxes and your possessions carefully to make sure that nothing was damaged during transit
  • Responsibly discard all the packaging materials and recycle whenever possible

Now that you’re a Queenslander

There are a few more “to dos” that need to be taken care of upon your arrival,

  • Within the first two weeks you’ll need to register your car in Queensland
  • Don’t get caught out with daylight saving – be aware that there is no daylight saving period in Queensland so you don’t accidentally turn up to work an hour early

Now that you’re a Queenslander you might need to consider changing your sporting allegiance (this is of course purely optional).



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