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ATM event storage - Next Payments and Commonwealth Games

The dust is settling after the buzz and activity of the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games. While we watched the Games on TV, or attended events, most of us have no real understanding of just how much work is done behind the scenes to coordinate, manage and present an event’s program on such a large scale. This includes everything from venue construction and refurbishment to smaller logistics like onsite event storage for ATMs across multiple event venue locations.

PODS is proud to have been able to work with Next Payments to solve this logistics problem. Next Payments supplied and managed the ATMs, and PODS provided container storage to securely store the ATMs across 12 event sites on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane.

We spoke with David Quinert, Business Development Manager for Next Payments, about the project. “We used PODS containers several years ago on the Gold Coast for the Magic Millions [horse racing]. It worked well. The containers provided privacy for people using the machines and protection for the machines themselves.” He went on to explain that the system worked so well that it was a natural consideration to work with PODS for event storage when the opportunity arose to provide ATMs for the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games.



Any large-scale event needs to provide access to cash for patrons. ATMs provide the easiest and safest solution for this. However, for an event the size of the Commonwealth Games, there were many considerations; including installation, security, ease of access, access to power and coordination with commercial guidelines. Next Payments were able to supply and manage the machines. They needed a supplier to provide the storage that met the Game’s guidelines.

Wrapped containers for event storage of ATMsThe Games’ guideline stipulated that event storage containers did not display commercial branding and conformed with the overall visual aesthetic of the program. The solution was easy – we wrapped the containers in a printed blue vinyl wrap; where the blue matched the official Games’ corporate colours.

Once the containers were wrapped, the final delivery and ATM installation was very straight forward. 16 wrapped, small storage containers were delivered to the 12 event venues across the Gold Coast and Brisbane. Each container was placed in pre-designated areas, all within easy access to power outlets.

ATMs stored in PODS containersThe ATMs themselves were shipped from Melbourne to Brisbane, arriving in Brisbane. Once the containers were in place, the ATMs were delivered then installed directly into the containers onsite. Each machine was attached to the floor of the container, for added security.

The PODS container provided a weather resistant environment to store the machines, protecting the ATMs, while providing privacy to visitors.

Once the Games were over, the containers were collected and delivered back to the PODS Brisbane Storage Centre, with ATMs secured inside. Next Payments collected the machines for delivery back to their Brisbane warehouse.

David made a point of saying that the overall experience with PODS was “brilliant”. “There were no problems at all . If a logistics problem arose, we nutted it out together and everything worked extremely well.”

If you think PODS could be an effective storage solution for an upcoming event, call our National Sales Director, Paul Davern on 1800 467 637 for more information.



Next PaymentsNext Payments is Australia’s fastest growing payments company with a product portfolio including ATMs, loyalty terminals and cards, cash redemption terminals and wrist band payment technology.

With offices across Australia and in New Zealand, Next Payments thrives on innovation and is at the forefront of the payments market. They continue to investigate further technologies that keep them at the forefront of hardware and software innovation.

We look forward to an opportunity to work with Next Payments again in the future.

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