Amy and Matt Move Interstate with PODS

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Matt and Amy decided to move interstate when Amy was offered the job of her dreams. In their new home city, they initially rented a studio, month-to-month, until they found their new permanent home.

How did they manage a household full of belongings moving from a 2 bedroom home to a small studio apartment while looking for their new home?

Here’s what Amy and Matt had to say about their interstate move with PODS

Amy: We decided to move because I got a job interstate. It all happened really fast. The job was just perfect for me, but the only thing was was that it was half way across the country.

Matt: We talked about it and it was pretty clear that it was a great opportunity for us. We took a couple of days, flew out to the city, to make sure we liked it and it was pretty immediate. We really thought it was a cool place.

Amy: We decided when we first came here that we were going to rent month-to-month and get to know the area and the neighbourhoods before we settled on a permanent place.

Matt: We moved in to a studio to begin with which, ahhh, was cosy. We were used to a 2 bedroom house back home so for us we really needed a place to store all of our stuff.

Amy: It didn’t make sense to move all of our belongings twice so we decided to take the essentials with us and keep the rest in storage until we actually found a permanent spot.

Matt: I think in the end we went with PODS because of the flexibility they offer. We love the fact that they do ALL of the driving. That made it so much simpler on us. For us there were so many things up in the air. We didn’t know exactly where in the city we were going to move and we also didn’t know how long we’d have to put our stuff into storage really.

Amy: The thing that I loved most about PODS was the thing that we would actually take our time. We could keep our container at the storage centre either back home or in our new city. And then whenever we were ready for it they would deliver our container to wherever we were moving to. I am so happy we moved. I love my new job. I love the new house. I’m really glad we did this.


PODS Knows Interstate Moving

When it comes to moving interstate, PODS have you covered. PODS makes interstate moving less stressful. Whether you’re moving yourself, your family or your business, we’ll remove the hassles and headaches from the moving process.

Some moves will be easy, and others a little more complicated. You may need to store your belongings between homes, and this could include living in temporary accommodation, like Amy and Matt. Using storage containers for your interstate move will give you flexibility that no other moving or storage service can provide.

With PODS you can move and store in one easy solution.


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