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Does your self storage structure matter

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Absolutely! The most important thing that you will have to check when choosing your self storage unit is the kind of material they have used for the structure of the item. You have to especially avoid metal containers and airtight metal shut self storage units if you are thinking about storing linens, mattresses, furniture and clothes.

The Reason behind it

Metal containers can be airtight locking in all the moisture and water inside the unit with nowhere to escape. With the inherent characteristic of metal, the environment inside it can rise quickly and drop suddenly. This fluctuating temperature does no good to your items. It creates moisture which is a perfect environment for mould to live in. With this continued fluctuation your stuff will definitely be ruined by the mould.
Once temperature drops, condensation forms which as you might have guessed it already, goes directly to your stuff. Imagine this happening every single day in your storage unit. It would only mean that your items will suffer in just weeks.

Where moisture is

Even if the temperature does not fluctuate, say it remains in a high temperature all throughout, moisture would still be present. Linen and fabrics absorb water even if you may not see it it contains water. Furniture and mattresses are also included. Even the air inside contains water.

What material then?

You may use metal if it is not airtight and as long as there is continued air flow into the unit. Most if these units are meant for vehicle storage but you can still store some items in them as long as they wouldn’t fit through the holes of the wire walls. If you need an airtight container, opt for one made of wood. This is due to the fact that wood equalizes environment temperature and adjust gradually.

Pods self storage units are made of steel timber and plastic and designed to keep your belongings at the best possible climates to avoid any damage.

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