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Moving house is one of the most stressful experiences one can go through in life. Psychologists say relocation can be as stressful as a divorce. Moving interstate is a much bigger move than a local move – not just because of geography, but there are generally more services to manage, schools to think about, and then getting your head around a new neighbourhood and new state.

With some planning you can simplify the process, reduce some moving stress – and we want to help you with that.

PODS PDF downloadStart the process as far in advance as you can – ideally at least 2 months before your move. There are many things to consider, the best method for making sure everything will go right is to put together an interstate moving checklist, then follow it through. We have created a Moving Checklist that will help, and in addition, noted some additional tips below.

Inventory Sheets

moving inventory and checklists

You need to take inventory of everything which is going to be moved. Start big then work into the detail. A suggestion is to create page in an A4 notebook or start and Excel spreadsheet per room of your house, including outside ‘rooms’ such as entertaining areas. If you can create your lists on the computer, they will be easy to edit, update and print for reference when packing and unpacking.

Select your Moving Company

Select a moving company

There are many service options available. Don’t leave this to the last minute. Start doing research and check reviews and testimonials before selecting a moving company. Don’t hesitate to pay a little more to hire a company known for its high quality customer service; it will pay off with the care of your belongings and communication while in transit. We have an article here with some information about selecting an interstate moving service and options to keep your interstate moving costs as low as possible.

Donate Declutter and sell unwanted itemsLet go of Unwanted Items

Don’t move things you no longer use or need. Donate them to charity, organise a garage sale or throw away broken items reduce the load of your interstate move. Decluttering and downsizing will help reduce the moving load, and may also help ease the psychological load when you move.

Transportation of Flammable items

Don’t Play with Fire

Be sure to check with your moving company exactly what CAN and CAN NOT be transported. Flammable items such as poisons, ammunition, aerosol cans, chemistry sets, matches, cleaning fluids and fireworks may not be able to moved in a moving truck or container.

Packing Materials

PODS Boxes Homemover Packs and Moving Boxes

If you hire a moving company, they are probably going to supply you packing materials. If not, you are going to need to get some yourself. Don’t underestimate how important good packing is! Good quality moving boxes, butchers paper and moving blankets will protect your personal possessions while in transit. Clothing, towels, pillows and cushions can also help protect items, filling empty space in boxes and padding around your fragile items that need careful attention.

Protect Your ValuablesProtect Your Valuables

If you have jewellery and other valuables, you may want to transfer them to a secure deposit box, so that they don’t get lost or misplaced during the move. Consider giving them to a friend or relative that you trust for safe keeping, or keep them with you as opposed to packing and moving them with all of your other possessions.

Arrange storageArrange for Storage

If you are going to need storage on arrival, plan and book it in advance. That way your possessions are safe and protected right up until you are ready to unpack. Its not uncommon that you may need a long term storage solution for interstate moves. We have some tips for you about how to best prepare you goods for long term storage. This will also help with packing for your long distance move.

Cancel ServicesCancel and Update Services

You may have more services than you realise that you will need to cancel at your current home then reconnect at your new home. Make a list! Its surprising how many services we use and rely on without thinking about it. Electricity, water, telephone and internet, Australia Post, schools, doctors. The list goes on. Our Moving Checklist will help with this list too.

Notify the post office about your plan to move to another state. You can complete an Australia Post mail redirection form online, or visit your local Post Office in person.

Eat from the Pantry

Eat from the pantry

Eat down your pantry supplies before you leave. In many instances, moving companies will not allow for the transport of food, so you will need to check when you book what you can and can’t transport. Check all of your food storage containers for food debris or residue. Food can attract rodents, insects and other pests. It can also rot and create some nasty odours. This will save nasty surprises when you’re unpacking at the other end.

Plan Your Itinerary and Travel Schedule

Plan Your Itinerary and Travel Schedule

When the moving day comes, you should spend your day at home with the movers, making sure they load everything as per your instructions. Print your inventory checklists and use these to ensure everything is packed and accounted for as you want it. Make notes on your inventory lists of damage, marks or anything you need to double check when your possessions reach their end destination. You may also want to pack your car and have it shipped to your destination.


And here are some articles with tips for your interstate move that you might find useful


Hire a PODS ContainerThere is a lot to do and think about when you are moving interstate. PODS specialises in moving and storage solutions, and we’re experts at moving people interstate. Consider using PODS for your interstate move.

A POD is a portable container that a truck drops off at your home. You pack it yourself and make sure everything is safe and secure inside. Then a truck and driver will arrive to transport your goods to their new destination. It’s the easiest (and safest) way to transport goods interstate – the container you pack is the exact same container that is transported and delivered to end-destination. The container can be held in storage for as long as needed, and you can even access your container if needed, while its in storage.

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