Flexible Moving Solutions for Growing Families

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Congratulations … you’re having a baby! So much to celebrate and so much to think about. Do you need to sell your home and move to a bigger home? Do you want to move closer to family for some extra support? Do you need a new car to fit your growing family? Exciting times but so much to think about.

This family of three were about to become a family of four…

… they needed more space for their growing family.

Once they found their perfect new home, it wasn’t quite move-in ready; but with PODS flexibility, they could keep their moving and storage container for as long as they needed. They could pack their belongings into the container, move, then unpack in their new home, at their own pace. PODS provided the perfect all-in-one moving and storage solution.


When it comes to moving house, not every move is quick. Sometimes you need to store your belongings between houses. And sometimes unexpected surprises like settlement issues can cause unexpected delays. Using moving containers for your next move can provide the flexibility that no other moving or storage service can provide.

You can take all the time you need to pack your home contents into the container. This is a great time to declutter as you pack.  Then take as much time as you need to unpack the container when your new home is ready.

By moving and storing your possessions in a PODS containers, whether storing onsite at your own property or at one of our secure Storage Centres, we can give you the luxury and flexibility of time. If you need to paint or renovate, or have a lot of things that you want to move in several rooms at a time, or there is uncertainty around moving arrangements, PODS provides the perfect flexible all-in-one moving and storage solution.


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