Different Self Storage Types: Which one to choose?

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Outdoor storage? Indoor storage? Or mobile self storage? There are many reasons why you need a self storage solution and also different items you’ll want to place into storage.

Are you between house moves? Renovating? Upsizing or downsizing? Need extra space for seasonal merchandise for your shop? These very reasons can guide you in choosing the best type of storage you need. Each storage type comes with benefits and features unique to each type.

Outdoor Self Storage

Outdoor self storage

These are storage units are typically used for storing vehicles, caravans, machinery and boats. Accessed from outside the building, they are often built with a roof with wire or mesh as the dividing wall. They work well for items that can withstand the weather, but be considerate of the value of the items you place into an outdoor storage facility. Quick access to your goods is a feature; and you can often drive your van or truck right up to your storage unit.

When to choose Outdoor Storage

  • When you need a lot of storage space, for large items; and some storage facilities will not allow you to store machinery or vehicles in indoor storage facilities.
  • If drive-up access to the outdoor storage unit is important, unloading then loading a moving truck may be easier.

When NOT to choose Outdoor Storage

  • If you have smaller items, even a lot of smaller items, like moving boxes and household furniture, Mobile self storage or Indoor self storage units may be a better option for you.
  • If you are storing valuable personal belongings, an outdoor self storage unit may not offer the security you need.
  • If you are storing temperature sensitive items, consider how temperature fluctuations may impact your goods.


Indoor Self Storage

Indoor self storage

As the name suggests, Indoor self storage units are located inside a building. Generally, access to your indoor storage unit, or storage ‘locker’, will be via some kind of security system, be it access controlled gates or doors. Some indoor facilities offer monitored climate control, while others, due to their building’s construction, offer a more stable temperature environment for your precious belongings. Security and temperature control can be the most important factors when choosing an Indoor storage solution.

Indoor self storage facilities will also offer both ground-level and an upper-level access option. Ground level access may be more convenient, but will also be a little more expensive than upper level storage units. If you want faster and more convenient access to your goods, then Ground level access may be the better option. I accessing your goods via a good lift, or if you don’t plan frequent access, an upper level unit may offer a cost saving for you.

When to choose Indoor self storage

  • When you have small items to store, a few or a lot, from moving boxes to household furniture, office archives and your wine collection
  • When security is important to you. Security gates and doors, enclosed buildings and monitored premises can give you additional peace of mind that your goods are stored safely and securely.
  • Not all Indoor facilities have a monitored climate control system, but modern building constructions and insulation offer additional protection for your goods that outdoor self storage facilities can’t.

When NOT to choose Indoor self storage

  • Do you have large items to store? Machinery? Vehicles? Then an Outdoor self storage solution may be a better option for you.
  • Indoor self storage services will generally not allow for the storage of vehicles, including cars, boats, motorcycles.


Mobile Self Storage

Mobile self storage

Mobile self storage can offer the best of both worlds – the convenience of bringing the storage facility, generally a container, direct to your door. You then pack that container in your own time. You can then store the container onsite at your own premises, giving you constant and instant ongoing access to your possessions; or the container can be collected and storage at a storage facility. The mobile self storage option is suitable for long- and short-term storage requirements.

In addition, some mobile self storage facilities offer and inside and outside storage option, therefore different pricing options depending on where your container is stored.

When to choose Mobile self storage

  • Are you downsizing? Having a mobile self storage container delivered to you gives you the time you need to sort through your possessions. Maybe you want to keep some items in storage, or downsize and pack at the same time for your next move.
  • Are you renovating? Clear furniture and belongings out of the way while renovations are carried out. If you keep the mobile storage container onsite, you can have constant and easy access to your goods during your renovation project.
  • Thinking of selling and need to declutter for sale?  This is a perfect option when you’re preparing your home for sale. Make you home look as large and inviting as possible by removing some of the visual clutter. Place your precious items into a storage container and have it moved to a secure storage facility while your house is on the market. Then once sold, you can have the container delivered right to the door of you new home.
  • Are you moving house? Or between homes? Mobile self storage containers can offer a more convenient solution that using a removalist service. Pack at your own pace; sort and downsize at the same time; then have the container collected and moved for you. If there is a week or months between moving out of your current home and into your new home, your goods can be safely stored at a secure storage centre.
  • Different size options. Some mobile self storage facilities offer containers in one size only, others, like PODS, offer different container size and pricing options to suit all storage and moving needs.


Moving and storage containers come in 3 sizes to make life easyCan PODS help?

At PODS, we know moving and storage. Its what we do every day. We offer flexible and affordable mobile storage and moving solutions, along with the expertise of a team who have worked in the space for many years. Our Customer Care team will advise you of your options and assist in anyway they can to make your next move or storage situation as easy and stress free as possible.

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