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Interstate Moving Packing and Loading Tips

So you’re planning an interstate move. We know how stressful moving can be.

With so much on your mind, it’s normal to feel anxious, or even mildly panicked right now. We want to help you maintain control and overcome many of the challenges that inevitably pop up during long-distance moves.

We’ve pulled together some resources from our blog and website to help you plan and prepare for your long-distance and interstate move. And please remember we are only a phone call away. Our Customer Care team are experts when it comes to long-distance moving. Call 1800 467 637 during business hours for assistance.

A Few Quick Packing Tips

  • Pack valuables and essentials separately and keep them with you.
  • Put heavy items in smaller boxes for easier lifting. Lightweight items can go in larger boxes.
  • Reinforce the bottom of all boxes with tape.
  • Make sure the top and sides of the boxes don’t bulge or cave in when packed.
  • Use moving blankets to protect furniture.
  • Wrap couches, mattresses, and other “soft” furniture with mattress bags.

packing fro your interstate move

Some Quick Loading Tips

  • As you’re loading your container, use the tie-down hooks in your PODS container with rope to secure your items.
  • Don’t load all your heavy items first. Distribute the weight of your contents throughout your container. Washers and dryers should be placed in the center of your container.
  • Place heavy items on the bottom and lighter items on the top.
  • Mix small items with larger items to fill spaces. Don’t save all your boxes for the end.
  • Use a mattress, large cardboard sheet, or four flattened, extra-large boxes taped together as a barrier for objects that could fall against the door during transit. This helps prevent the door from jamming.
  • Don’t forget to lock your container when you’ve finished loading it.

How to Load A PODS Container

With proper supplies and a few helpful tips, you can pack like the pro!

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