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Moving Guide

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This is a good moving checklist when you are about to move interstate. If you follow this guide as close as you will have a worry-free move. This guideline has been developed by a professional moving company who has moved thousands of families across the country.

Things to Do 6 to 8 Weeks Before Your Moving Day

– Call your moving company and have an agent come to your home for a visually inspection and prepare a quotation.
– decide which items will be packed by you and which items will be packed by the moving company.
– Explain to the agent which items will go and which items will stay. This will determine your total cost for the move.
– If you have any questions about the move or the cost, now is the time to ask the agent.
– Sign the contract if agreeable and keep all contact numbers of the moving company handy.

Things to Do 4 to 6 Weeks Before Your Moving Day

– Let your local post office know when you are moving. You can do this at the post office or online using a Change of Address Form.
– Send an email to all of your relatives, friends, workmates, business contacts and anyone else who should be notified of your upcoming move. Some of the businesses that you may want to notify are as follows: Utilities, Pharmacy, Landscaping Service, Telephone, Credit Card Companies, Banks, Cable/TV, Health Club, Doctor, Dentist, Newspapers, Lawyer, Insurance Agency, and Government Offices.
– Have a yard or garage sale for all of your unwanted items. Anything left over donate to your local thrift store.
– Start to eat up any food items that will be perishable.

Things to Do 2 to 4 Weeks Before Your Moving Day

– Visit any of the locations that hold special memories.
– Throw a going away party for the entire family. If it is warm outside, make it a BBQ.
– Confirm that all hotel rooms are booked and any travel arrangements are made.
– If your family is going by auto, have your auto serviced. Replace if necessary brakes, tires, belts, fluids and whatever your car requires.

Things to Do 1 to 2 Weeks Before Your Moving Day

– Take care of all plants and pets.
– Return anything borrowed, including library

On moving day you will be busy with the last minute details of your move. Keep calm and do not stress out. If you have planned well in advance, everything will go smoothly.

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