14 Troubling Removalist Myths Laid To Rest

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No matter what industry you work in, there are bound to be lots of myths and misconceptions flying around. The removalist industry is no different. In this article, we will discuss 14 common misconceptions and myths and give you the real facts. Read on to learn more.

1. There’s no difference from one removalist company to another.

This is absolutely untrue. You just need to do a little homework to see the difference between great removalists and lousy ones. Compare a handful of companies point by point. It’s easy to see that there are big differences in rates and services and especially in reputation. Be sure to check with consumer advocacy groups and read verifiable testimonials to help you choose a good removalist.

2. There is nothing you can do to prevent moving house or office being a disaster.

Actually, there’s a great deal you can do beginning with good planning. Start planning your move well in advance and pay close attention to detail. Hire a reputable, solid removalist company and work out a practical schedule. These simple steps will help your move go smoothly.

3. I can just collect old boxes from the market to move my belongings.

Well, you can, but that would be a big mistake. Moving boxes are specially made to be sturdy and strong. They hold up to the challenges of moving and protect your valuable stuff admirably. Boxes you pick up at the market are likely to get crushed or have the bottom fall out, that’s why it’s smart to get professional moving boxes.

4. It won’t help me any to label my moving boxes.

Well, that’s just insane on the face of it. Of course, labeling your moving boxes will help both you and your removalists. Be sure to have a good supply of fresh markers on hand on moving day so that you and your removalists can clearly label boxes. In this way, they can be taken straight to the right room upon arrival. It will be easier for you to find your things and your unpacking will be a breeze.

5. I have to pack everything before the removalists arrive.

Well, then why are you hiring removalists? Allow yourself the luxury of enjoying the service for which you are paying. Removalists are specially trained to pack your valuable belongings carefully, efficiently and in an organized manner. You can just sit back, relax and stay out of the way. That’s what you are paying for!

Note: If you do have especially valuable or fragile items that you want handled with special care, it would be better for you to remove those in advance yourself.

6. You are not required to pay removalists until the job is completed.

Any removalist who would accept this sort of arrangement probably doesn’t have enough sense to move you properly. Of course you must pay in advance. Some companies want a deposit in advance and the balance upon delivery, but most want full payment in advance. While you may hesitate with this arrangement, keep in mind you will have negotiated and signed a very detailed contract. If you are not happy with the service you receive, you will have no trouble supporting your complaints.

7. If any of my items are damaged or lost, they will be covered by moving insurance.

Don’t count on this. Professional removalists routinely carry basic liability insurance, but this does not cover everything. Be certain you understand all the specifics of the insurance provided by your removalists before you finalize your agreement. You may wish to supplement their insurance with a separate policy of your own.

8. I will enjoy a trip down memory lane as I pack my belongings.

Not unless you begin packing months in advance. Your removalists will quickly and efficiently pack your stuff on the day of your move. The best thing you can do is stand back and let them do their job. However, you may wish to sort your things well in advance of the move and get rid of things you no longer want or need. This may give you a chance to reminisce a bit.

9. I will have to ride along in the moving truck with the removalists.

How will your car get to your new home if you do that? The removalists probably only have enough room for themselves in their truck. You can just drive your car or get a ride from a friend or family member. That will be better for all concerned.

10. All my stuff will be in a shambles upon arrival.

Well that would be a heck of a note considering that you are paying professional removalists to move your things. You can safely count on your belongings arriving intact and well organized if you have taken the time to select professional removalists and allowed them to organize and pack your items professionally.

11. I will have to feed the removalists.

No, you don’t have to feed the removalists any more than your employer has to feed you. They are at work, and they expect to buy their own lunch or dinner if the job lasts through a mealtime. If you are especially happy with the job and it seems like the right thing to do, you could order a pizza, but you certainly are not required to do so.

12. It will be cheaper to hire a team of removalists rather than hiring a crew of three.

This may seem logical, but actually it could end up costing you a lot more. There are some aspects of moving that are quicker and easier with a crew of three. The removalist company will decide which arrangement will work best for your situation based on a number of factors such as the distance from the street to the door of your destination, the number of stairs that must be climbed and so on. In challenging situations, a crew of three can work much faster than a team of two, so the cost will really end up being about the same.

13. It’s too expensive to hire removalists.

Actually, these days hiring removalists is very reasonable. When you factor in the excellent service you receive and the amount of stress you avoid, it’s really worth every penny. Aside from that, if you compare the cost of renting a van or truck and doing it yourself, you may find that there is really not much difference in dollar amount.

14. Removalists are usually just day laborers.

This is absolutely untrue! Reputable, professional removalist companies hire full time employees and provide them with training to enable them to perform a professional service. Additionally, you can count on a high quality service to stress good customer relations. In short, a removalist is a professional who is trained to provide you with excellent service in a pleasant manner.

So there you have it! The top 14 myths and misconceptions about removalists debunked. We hope this list has set your mind at ease, and if you are contemplating moving house or office, you will seek out a skilled, professional removalist service to help you have a pleasant and successful experience.

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